Andrew Geoghegan Designer Engagement Rings

 Designer -Andrew  

Andrew Geoghegan

Andrew is renowned for beautifully crafted designer engagement rings. 

An award-winning designer with a timeless collection, the AG brand uses only platinum and 18 carat golds alongside hand-picked diamonds and gemstones.

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rose gold canele with brown diamond designer engagement ring

Cannele Chocolate Rose

Chocolate diamond engagement ring set in rose gold by award-winning designer Andrew Geoghegan...

canele sapphire and rose gold engagement by designer andrew geoghegan

Cannele Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Ruby with pink sapphire gemstone engagement ring by award-winning jewellery designer Andrew Geoghegan...

white gold canele sapphire engagement ring

Cannele Bridal Blue & Yellow Diamond,

Sapphire and yellow diamonds Cannele engagement ring a stunning and unusual combination.


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