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  1. New Designers 2015

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     front of new designers

    After quickly shutting the shop we hurried over to Islington Design Centre to join in the fun at 'New Designers' an annual exhibition of recently graduated students. We could of stayed all day looking through everyone’s work however with only a few hours we went straight to the 'One Year On' and Jewellery department to check out this years new emerging jewellery designers.

    We were overwhelmed at the quality of work and the enthusiasm of the designers, here are a just a few designers we met on our way around the exhibition.

    julia joledo jewellery designer
    julia tolendo handmade earrings

    Julia Toledo is a Brazilian designer and uses the most beautiful Brazilian gemstones, she co ordinates the colours with the woven silk so that each piece works in harmony together.

    handmade riveted jewellery ieva mikutaite designer jewellery

    Ieva Mikutaite won awards for her degree collection, Made by assembling lots of tiny rivets which allow each piece to move and expand to create completely new shapes that can be worn in different ways. This is a completely new and innovative way of making kinetic jewellery fun and wearable and the designing and work that went into each piece is hugely apparent.

    new designers
    Flora  Bhattachary's designer jewellery

    Flora Bhattachary's work uses carved gems in rich colours and textured precious metals, Flora's designs have a unique style. Each design is hand crafted and carved in the UK combining traditional fine jewellery techniques with modern technology.


    And here are some of the moments from the event......

    granny pants
    granny pants
    By Emily Bardsley Barnett
    around new deisgners 20115

    Everybody engrossed in finding out more about the work.

    a bugs life

    Creepy crawlies come to life... by Beatrice Wall

    drinks table new desingers

    Time to head to the pub for another drink to end the evening....


  2. Thinking About A Bespoke Engagement Ring?

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    Deciding to pop the question is a difficult and exciting prospect, especially if your not used to buying jewellery or not sure what her style of jewellery is. Here at Nude Jewellery we specialise in the unusual, quirky and contemporary engagement rings and love a challenge. Going bespoke is a great option because it means you can choose every aspect of the ring to make it special and unique.

    This blog post will give you guidance on the initial proposal ring and different style options to consider when deciding on the design.

    If you want to go bespoke but know your fiancé to be has a very distinctive taste that you usually get right but sometimes get very, very wrong, you might want to consider a stunt ring. Below are some humorous ideas such as 'The cable Tie,' rings by Ambre France or the 'Marry Me,' ring by Chris parry.

    Simple Elegance Stunt Ring

    cable tie rings by ambre france chris parry marry me ring

    yellow frosted rivoir engagement ring

    This yellow gold frosted diamond ring would be perfect for a inexpensive stunt ring its understated elegance and contrasting polished and matt finish can be worn to any occasion.

     Organic Style Engagement Ring

    In recent years more people are looking for a ring that you can't find on the high street, something unique that they wont see in the window of another jewellery shop. Organic styles are a great way to show personality whether it be a texture onto the metal, granulations or maybe rough cut gemstone.


    unique ruby handmade engagement ring

    Handmade Unique Platinum with Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

    crystal ring - 22ct gold plated silver with raw aquamarine crystals

    Unique Aquamarine Rough Cut Gemstone Engagement Ring

    green zircon ring

    Handmade Silver With Yellow Gold Unique Zircon Engagement Ring


    Dainty Engagement Rings


    This is a selection of beautiful dainty engagement rings that we have in store.

    white sapphire dainty engagement ring

    Dainty Rose Gold And White Sapphire Engagement Ring

    flower engagement ring


    Unusual Flower Diamond Engagement Ring

    curve diamond engagement ring

    Unusual Curved Diamond Engagement Ring

    Lots Of Sparkle
    Don’t want understated? Then having pave set diamonds will create head turning sparkle. These kind of rings look stunning next to the wedding ring.

    geo flower engagement ring

    Geo Flower Engagement Ring

    emerald cut diamond ring

    Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


    Why go for a simple solitaire when you could have one of these beautifully shaped unusual gemstones. Its the 21st century and with it comes lots of new interesting gemstone and diamond shapes that can be used in the design.


    Click To View Collection Of Unusual And Unique Engagement Rings


  3. New Designers - At The Business Design Centre 2014

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    On Wednesday after a very hectic press day the Nude team headed to New Designers at The Business Design Centre in Islington. Here is our pick of some of the best new jewellery talent....
    lindsay hill - New Designers - Quirky gemstone Brooch - Unusual Designer Jewellery

    At Nude Jewellery we love unusual engagement rings and looking for new concepts and techniques using gemstones. We discovered Lindsay Hill at new designers and were drawn in by her bold symmetrical structures with contrasting emerald gemstones. She is currently exploring the use of kinetic settings which pushes the boundaries from the role of the traditional stone setting techniques.

    joanna bury

    Joanna Bury's eclectic range of bold statement pieces caught our eyes. inspired by modern urban culture; patterns within the asian cultures and tattooing, Joanna's jewellery has alluring tribal patterns etched out of metal and perspex. She enjoys the way the pattern could be projected onto the skin through reflection, light or shadow creating a removable tattoo.

    I had to drag Nikki away from trying on her pieces as we only had 20 minutes to see the rest of the exhibition!

    stefanie cheong - New Designers

    We came across Stefanie Cheong and her beautiful jewellery collection in the 'One Year On' area of new designers, she was very passionate and loved explaining her work to us.

    In her current collection she uses natural resources and objects found in Scotland, then using different techniques such as electroforming, patination and stone cutting transforms the raw materials into wearable jewellery. She feels strongly about using materials that are not harmful to the environment or the lives of others and ensures she uses eco silver and gold.

    Stefanie's ethos is 'Anything can be a jewel'

    joy bonfield

    Joy Bonfield's jewellery is a mix of classic and contemporary. She sculpts the human figure or head and then deconstructs and distorts parts.

    'I am inspired by the progressive disfigurement of classical sculptures. Over time these bodies lose heads, limbs or torsos, yet retain their attraction, the absence of parts completing a fuller picture
    of the human form in the mind’s eye.'

    She challenges the functionality of sculpture and the wearability of jewellery with this beautifully sculptural handcrafted modern collection.
                                                 monique daniels

    Monique Daniels jewellery is sharp and sophisticated, Geometric shapes layer up to create a kinetic illusion.

    Each piece is made with precision and combines modern and fine jewellery techniques.

    "Linear framing and geometric structures provide the foundation of my inspiration, drawing upon the mathematical qualities of polyhedrons, the latest collection named ‘Polyhedra’ translates as ‘many-surfaces’ focusing on layering and repetition of angles and interlocking radial lines within octagons and triangles."


                                                          kelly munro

    Colourful and tactile Kelly Munro's sterling silver, wood and mixed material jewellery brightened up our day.

    Each piece has a slightly different colour scheme and the customer can customize their necklace to whatever colour they desire, the burnt patternation creates a bold statement. Kelly is inspired by her homeland of Scotland where she is from a town that is well know for its fishing history, she draws inspiration from the abandon ports and lobster pots.



    With only a short amount of time to look around the exhibition we were overwhelmed with the vast amount of new talent and hope to be showcasing some of these collections in the near future.