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  1. Bespoke Jewellery - The stages of how we made this bespoke fox pendant

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    A Bespoke Fox Pendant


    We had a couple of weeks to make a bespoke fox pendant for a customer, below is his very impressive sketch that we worked from.

    bespoke fox pendant

    The front view was fine but the customers technical drawing of the side profile wasn't correct and match the from vie so we had to fine tune it.

    To make the fox we decided to work in wax, because it's softer and easier to carve than metal and keeps the cost down for the customer. When faced with a block of wax it is much like a blank canvas, you have to map out perspective lines and mark where you need to take away the wax.

    handmade jewellery - wax block

    Below you can see the marked lines where we started to sculpt the head, trying to keep it perfectly even and symmetrical on each side is very tricky when creating geometric designs like this one. It is essential to take a little piece away at a time to slowly see how it will look in 3D.

    Bespoke Jewellery London - wax block
    handmade jewellery - fox pendant

    After the initial form is made it becomes easier to see how the fox is going to look, we now start to even up all the edges and sharpen them up so that they are clear, precise and geometric, even a line that is a tiny bit curved is very noticeable when the fox is made into metal.

    When creating a piece of jewellery in wax you have to completely finish it how you would in metal because any dust, scratches or holes will be even more difficult to get out in silver.

    Now the fox head has been carved it is time to get it cast.

    Once the fox had been made into silver we cleaned and polished it up, and took it to the platers where they added a layer of 18ct rose gold vermeil, we then added a diamond cut geometric chain to finish it off. We think he is fab and would love to make some different geometric animal heads.

    bespoke fox pendant rose gold unique and handmade
    bespoke fox head pendant
    For more inspiration take a look at our bespoke jewellery page...


  2. Thinking About A Bespoke Engagement Ring?

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    Deciding to pop the question is a difficult and exciting prospect, especially if your not used to buying jewellery or not sure what her style of jewellery is. Here at Nude Jewellery we specialise in the unusual, quirky and contemporary engagement rings and love a challenge. Going bespoke is a great option because it means you can choose every aspect of the ring to make it special and unique.

    This blog post will give you guidance on the initial proposal ring and different style options to consider when deciding on the design.

    If you want to go bespoke but know your fiancé to be has a very distinctive taste that you usually get right but sometimes get very, very wrong, you might want to consider a stunt ring. Below are some humorous ideas such as 'The cable Tie,' rings by Ambre France or the 'Marry Me,' ring by Chris parry.

    Simple Elegance Stunt Ring

    cable tie rings by ambre france chris parry marry me ring

    yellow frosted rivoir engagement ring

    This yellow gold frosted diamond ring would be perfect for a inexpensive stunt ring its understated elegance and contrasting polished and matt finish can be worn to any occasion.

     Organic Style Engagement Ring

    In recent years more people are looking for a ring that you can't find on the high street, something unique that they wont see in the window of another jewellery shop. Organic styles are a great way to show personality whether it be a texture onto the metal, granulations or maybe rough cut gemstone.


    unique ruby handmade engagement ring

    Handmade Unique Platinum with Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

    crystal ring - 22ct gold plated silver with raw aquamarine crystals

    Unique Aquamarine Rough Cut Gemstone Engagement Ring

    green zircon ring

    Handmade Silver With Yellow Gold Unique Zircon Engagement Ring


    Dainty Engagement Rings


    This is a selection of beautiful dainty engagement rings that we have in store.

    white sapphire dainty engagement ring

    Dainty Rose Gold And White Sapphire Engagement Ring

    flower engagement ring


    Unusual Flower Diamond Engagement Ring

    curve diamond engagement ring

    Unusual Curved Diamond Engagement Ring

    Lots Of Sparkle
    Don’t want understated? Then having pave set diamonds will create head turning sparkle. These kind of rings look stunning next to the wedding ring.

    geo flower engagement ring

    Geo Flower Engagement Ring

    emerald cut diamond ring

    Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


    Why go for a simple solitaire when you could have one of these beautifully shaped unusual gemstones. Its the 21st century and with it comes lots of new interesting gemstone and diamond shapes that can be used in the design.


    Click To View Collection Of Unusual And Unique Engagement Rings


  3. Graduates in The Spotlight Vote 2014

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    Graduates in the Spotlight
    We need help deciding which recent graduate should feature in our window! Check out their information and pictures then vote!

    Dovile BertulyteDovile Graduate Spotlight Finalist2

    Lithuanian born London based jewellery designer. In 2013 I graduated from Middlesex University. During four years of studies I embarked on an exploration of different materials, various techniques and exclusive designs. While studying I interned in three different European countries for renowned jewellers and artists. I also went to Jerusalem, Bezalel University of Arts and Design as an exchange student. This valuable experience gave me unique perception of the world and life itself that reflects in my work.

    The collection 'Fear Of Darkness is based on a common human fear nyctophobia. Fear of the dark is usually not fear of darkness itself, but of possible or imagined dangers concealed by darkness. The collection is made up of 5 initial pieces that each reflect emotions and feelings of a person who suffers from this phobia while being in the dark.

    The oxidised silver plated bronze hands trigger fear within our minds while we imagine the imaginary predator or monster is lurking in the dark just around the corner.

    Frank Luckham

    Frank Luckham Graduate Spotlight Finalist

    I would like to be featured in your graduate spotlight to show that contemporary jewellery does not have to be based on traditional ring styles of a circular shank with something added to it. My designs show that the shank (or hole) is an integral part of the design. My designs are also sculptural elements which when not worn, can be positioned and admired as mini sculptural forms. Initial inspiration was drawn from Barbara Hepworth sculpture.

    There also seems to be a misunderstanding that square rings are uncomfortable to wear or difficult to size. It would be nice to break this train of thought and let the buyer experience how these rings actually feel.

    Frank graduated in 2013 with a BA First Degree Honors in Silversmithing and Jewellery. His final work reflected the pierced form sculptural work of Barbara Hepworth and the Minimalist installations of Donald Judd.

    Frank specialises in making rings in sterling silver using traditional techniques, aiming to represent two defining characteristic design elements of Modernism and Minimalism - simplicity of form and the reductive.

    Agnieszka Maksymiuk

    Agnieszka Maksymiuk Graduates Spotlight

    At the moment I’m an Artist in Residence and visiting lecturer at School of Jewellery in Birmingham and at the same time I work as a jewellery designer/maker. My works are exhibited in a few galleries in England and Poland.I strongly believe that the support provided by the Nude Jewellery will help me to grow and promote my brand in many aspects. Being selected for “Graduates in the Spotlight” competition would be an amazing opportunity to launch my jewellery and ideas into a professional environment and a great progression for my business . It would be a real honour to be part of this prestigious  central London boutique. I create small sculptures that become wearable pieces of art.
    The collection is about the relationship between the urban and the natural world in different places and cultures inspired by the landscapes of England and Poland. The main objective is to catch the essence and potential of the particular place and tell the viewer a story which is hidden behind each piece.

    The 3D designs are hand carved with great skill from two dimensional drawings and paintings. The astonishing outcomes are a result of a formal training in Poland at the Academy of Fine Art and the School of Jewellery in Birmingham.

    We need help deciding which recent Jewellery graduate should feature in our window!
    Check out their information and pictures then vote!

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