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Designer Interview - Carina De Jager - Featured Designer Jeweller

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    Carina De Jager Designer Jewellery 


What inspired me to become a jewellery designer?

A desire to make and create beautiful pieces that people would treasure and want to pass on to future generations. I love the emotional connection you can have with a piece of jewellery - be it a wedding ring, your grandmothers locket or the bangle your best friend gave you when you were children. It makes me happy to know that I can make something that can bring about an emotional reaction for someone.

What is my favourite piece of jewellery?

From my own collection, it would have to be my Palenque ring, I feel it is the perfect combination of sleek design, interesting textures and wearability. 


Which celebrity would I love to wear my jewellery and why?

My jewellery is for anyone and everyone, there isn't any one person I would prefer to see wearing it


Is there any other career I would love to try?

Astronaut, now that's an office with a view!


What can people expect to see from me in the future?

Big things... 



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