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....The Minotaur


A bit different from our usual entries but last week I attended the Minotaur pop-up exhibition in the old Victoria tunnels.  Artists from all over the world were commisioned by Steve Lazarides to create their interpretation of the classical greek legend said to have the head of a bull and the body of a man.

The old Victoria tunnels is a labyrinth structure which was perfect for such an exhibition.  The art reflected the struggle between men, technology and nature in an emerging world and featured installations, interactive exhibits and artists from very different backgrounds.  It was a cultural delicacy and there was in fact a restaurant inside - which you had to request an invitation for.  We didnt get round to that and we spent so much time staring at and digesting the work on display that there wasnt much time for anything else.  Particularly liked the taxidermy rats and the visual installation film! 

Let us know if you attended or indeed if there are any more unusual exhibitions that we should visit.

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