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.....Pop-up bars!

Here today, gone tomorrow, pop-up bars are taking over.  Tired of going 'where everybody knows your name?'  Each pop up bar will open for a number of weeks and disappear as though it never exsisted.  Usually sporting fantastic interiors, beautiful people and unusual entertainment these bars make nipping out for a quick drink an exciting, never to be repeated experience!

We sampled our own glamorous pop-up experience on Saturday evening at Cointreau Prive hosted at Piccadilly Circus and styled by Dita Von Teese.  Themed as a 1920's speak easy bar there were a number of private salons styled on Dita's home in LA, comfortable but luxurious loungers, lots of velvetine coverings and some of Dita's prize posessions in cabinets displayed around the bar.  A small wooden stage is the place for fantastic entertainment and the cocktails on offer were just as devine as the surroundings - we recommend the Cointreau Teese!

Open for two more weeks, guest list only - just register online put on your flapper dress and enjoy!


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