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Nude loves........experimental cocktails!

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....experimental cocktails!                                                                     


It's common knowledge that we like a cocktail or two here at Nude (after work of course).  After sampling plenty of delicious cocktails in the past we have now had a completely unique experience at The House of Wolf in Islington.  It blew us away with a selection of off the wall, outside the box, completely balmy taste sensations!  We drank in the Apothecary and sampled the David Bellamy straight out of a flower case and complete with Szechuan button which left us with a tingly sensation in our mouths for around 4mins!  We also shared the delight of the Tiki complete with edible beach scene and popping candy with cherries.  Delightful, inspirational and something a bit different for the cocktail connoisseurs amongst us.

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