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» Listings for October 2012

  1. ....Goldsmiths Fair

    GFEstablished in 1983, Goldsmith's Fair is something of an institution.  180 designers over 2 weeks display their original and in some cases one-off pieces to members of the public to adore and buy.  This annual selling event showcases independent talent from all over the country and gives makers and enthusiasts a chance to meet and discuss techniques and inspirations. 

    Entering Goldsmiths Hall is always an awe-inspiring experience, the grandeur and history contained in the building are a reason on their own to visit but when there's soo much talent in the air the buzz is infectious - whether you're going to spend/browse or just enjoy a few hours of admiration, it's definitely worth the £7 entrance fee.  After today there are only 2 days left, 6th and 7th October, perfect weekend viewing.

    Some highlights of the show for us were.....

    Momoko Tamura - if you like dark fairy tales with a macabre twist then these 'wearable sculptures' will be right up your street

    Susan Jane Dunford - if you like new ideas that meet old inspirations then these sculptural boxes featuring detachable jewellery are worth a peek

    Milly Swire - if you like gorgeous gemstones and unique but wearable jewellery then Milly's luscious collections will be ideal