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Main Shop
Handmade designer silver jewellery
Handmade designer bracelets and bangles, silver, gold, diamond, gemstone
Summer Sale -
Just Arrived -
Wedding Rings -
Diamond -
All Gemstone Jewellery -
Cufflinks -
Andrew Geoghegan - Designer Jewellery
Frozen Sand Collection
Gemstones by Jayce Wong -
Ziio - Italian Designer Jewellery
The Allegro Designer Collection
Handmade designer gemstone jewellery
Under 100 -
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1,000 - 2,500 -
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Unusual Jewellery -
Glass -
Memento Collection
St Tropez Collection
Glitter Ball Collection
All designer jewellery collections
1950s Glamour Diamond Ring
Unity Engagement Ring
Suspension Ring
The Kiss Diamond Engagement Ring
Reveal Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring
Bubble Eternity Ring
Classic Beauty
Diamond Circles Ring
Pink Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring
Dainty Daisy Ring
Deep fuschia Amethyst ring
Contemporary Classic Engagement Ring
Platinum Dazzle
Decadent Diamonds
Modern Beauty
Dainty Leaf Ring
Celestial Pearl Ring
Hearts & Diamonds
Aquamarine & Diamond Bubble Ring
Diamond & Clover Eternity Ring
Aquamarine Flower Ring with Diamonds
Bessie Ring
Matchsticks -
The Majestic Collection -
Amazon Collection
Bamboo Collection by Babette Wasserman -
Electra by Babette Wasserman -
Phuze -
Handmade designer cocktail rings
All Engagement Rings -
All Rings -
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Engagement Rings -
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Handmade designer silver necklaces and pendants
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Handmade designer silver jewellery
Stud Earrings -
Under 150 -
All Bangles & Bracelets -
Handmade designer bangles
Handmade designer charm bracelets
The Cuff Collection
Diamond Bracelets -
Gemstone & Diamond Bracelets
Handmade Gold Designer Bracelets
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Designer Bangles and Bracelets Under 150
Bridesmaids Gifts -
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Unusual Engagement Rings -
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Silver Earrings -
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Silver Bracelets -
Silver Cufflinks -
Under 100 -
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250 - 500 -
500 & Over -
SILVER - - page 2
SILVER - - page 3
SILVER - - page 4
SILVER - - page 5
SILVER - - page 6
Allegro Amethyst Cocktail Ring WAS 280
Allegro Cufflinks WAS 145
Allegro Hinged Bangle
Allegro Ring WAS 129
Allegro Silver Hoop Earrings WAS 179
Allegro Skinny Bangle WAS 240
Amazon Bangle
Amazon Earrings
Amazon Necklace
Amazon Ring
Amethyst Bud Earrings
Black Pearl Drop Pendant
Black Pearl Drop Pendant
Bombe Ring
Bon Bon Blue Topaz Earrings
Butterfly Effect Bangle
Butterfly Effect Cuff
Butterfly Effect Earrings
Butterfly Effect Pendant
Butterfly Effect Ring
All Gold & Platinum -
Gold Bracelets -
Gold Earrings -
Gold Necklaces -
Gold Rings -
Platinum Rings -
Autumn Leaves -
Bubbles -
The Butterfly Effect Collection
Chantilly Lace -
Classic Pearls by Nude -
Deva Priya -
Encased -
Gold Ball Collection
The Memento Globe Collection
Modi Pagaini -
Nude Couture -
Order in Chaos -
Pebble -
Queensbee -
The Rain Collection
The Firouzeh Collection -
Summer Sale - - page 2
Summer Sale - - page 3
Gold, Citrine & Diamond Pendant
Amethyst Bracelet
Amore infinite green
Pink opal, pearl and amethyst bracelet handmade by Italian Ziio
Bee Bronze
Black Amore
Black Onyx Pearl Bracelet
Bling Ring
Bling Ring
Bottone Black
Crystal Encrusted Sunglasses
Double Pearl Ring
Electra Bangle
Electra Boule Ring
Just Arrived - - page 2
Just Arrived - - page 3
Ziio Drop Ear
Diamond Pendant
Ruby & Diamond Pendant
Green Diamond Earring
Blue Diamond Stud Earrings
Antlers Necklace
Bramble Earrings
Maggie Bracelet
Matilda Ring
Betty Earrings
Martha Earrings
Rock Ring
Silver Bamboo Hoop Ear
Gold Bamboo Hoop Ear
Silver Bamboo Chain ear
Gold Bamboo Chain Ear
Gold Amazon Attraction Bangle
Bamboo Bangle
Wedding Rings - - page 2
Gold plated silver bubble ring
Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Ring
Diamond Eternity Ring
Grain Set Half Eternity Diamond Ring
Half Eternity Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring
Side Channel Half Eternity Ring
Half Eternity Princess Cut Diamond Ring
Soft Court Wedding Ring
Plain Wedding Ring
Flat Court Wedding Ring
Soft Court Wedding Ring
Plain Court Wedding Ring
Flat Court Wedding Ring
Plain Wedding Ring
Court Wedding Ring
Detailed Court Wedding Ring
Flat Wedding Ring
18 carat white gold angular edged wedding band
ACRYLIC - - page 2
Amber cufflinks
Beige & Black Pendant By Modi Pagani
Black and white Cufflinks
Black and White Modi Paigani Cuff
Brown & Cream Modi Paigani Cuff (Wide)
Burnt Orange Modi Paigani Cuff (Slim)
Burnt Orange Modi Paigani Cuff (Wide)
Chantilly Lace & Acrylic Cuff
Circular Cream & Black Pendant by Modi Pagani
Circular Olive Green Pendant by Modi Pagani
Cream & Black Modi Paigani Round Ear Studs
Electric Blue Modi Pagani Cuff (slim)
Ice Crystal Cuff
Ice Crystal Cuff
Lace Heart Earrings
Large crystal encrusted cuff,
Large Ice Pattern Cuff
Large Lace Disc with Beaded Necklace
Large Lace Heart with Beaded Necklace
All Pearl Jewellery -
Pearl Bracelets -
Pearl Earrings -
Pearl Necklaces -
Pearl Rings -
Under 150 -
Diamond - - page 2
Diamond - - page 3
Crossover Diamond Eternity Ring
Diamond Bubble Solitaire
Diamond Cube Earrings
Diamond Stud Earrings - .13 total carat weight
All Gemstone Jewellery - - page 2
All Gemstone Jewellery - - page 3
All Gemstone Jewellery - - page 4
All Gemstone Jewellery - - page 5
All Gemstone Jewellery - - page 6
Amethyst Cabochon Ring
Black Pearl Studs
Memento Pillow Cufflinks
Purple pyramid cufflinks
Purple swirl cufflinks
Round Encased Cufflinks
Snake cufflinks
Reveal Diamond Engagement Ring
Frozen Sand Cuff
Frozen Sand Silver Bangle
Oxidised Silver Frozen Sand Bombe Ring
Oxidised Silver Frozen Sand Earrings
Gold plate black diamond earrings
Gold plated new stone age necklace
Quartz ring
Rhodium Necklace
Giro viola
Infinito black
Ziio, waterpearls, labradorite, hematite
Petalo Pearl
Pink twist earrings
Riviere Garnet
Rumba Violet
White twist earrings