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We Specialise In Unique Engagement Rings, Unusual Engagement Rings, Handmade Engagement Rings, Quirky Engagement Rings, Designer Engagement Rings, Contemporary Engagement Rings & Gemstone Engagement Rings.

If you're looking for a unique engagement ring orcontemporary engagement ring to make her say yes then our collection of designer engagement rings are perfect for you to choose from.  We stock an extensive collection of quirky engagement rings and an array of gemstone engagement rings in our London boutique which range from more classically styled engagement rings to unusual engagement rings to unique and original handmade engagement rings in our London boutique. At Nude Jewellery we specialise in bespoke jewellery so if you are looking for a handmade engagement ring, just for you, simply get in touch.

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 Envy Engagement Ring

Envy Engagement Ring

Tourmaline and Morganite set in Rose gold, new to our unique collection of engagement rings.


Lucy white & diamond Engagement ringThe Lucy Ring

Modern 18 carat white gold engagement ring, minimal and contemporary design set with a brilliant cut diamond ...


brown diamond engagement ring by designer Andrew Geoghegan


Cannele Chocolate Rose

Chocolate diamond engagement ring set in rose gold by award-winning designer Andrew Geoghegan...


Pink Atlantis Engagement Ring

Pink Atlantis Engagement Ring

A quirky alternative cluster ring with rubies, pink and purple sapphires.

Exclusive to Nude Jewellery


white gold canele designer engagement ring by Andrew Geoghegan, blue sapphire with yellow diamonds 

Cannele Bridal Blue & Yellow Diamond

By award-winning designer Andrew Geoghegan, Sapphire and yellow diamonds Cannele engagement ring a stunning and unusual combination.


single view

Maise Engagement Ring

Unusual yet classic engagement ring, handmade and exclusive to Nude Jewellery.


handmade unique engagement rings, Origin collection

Quirky Unique Ruby Engagement Ring

A unique handmade ring from our new exclusive Origin collection, each ring is completely unique...


Lucy emerald and yellow gold engagement ring

The Lucy Ring

Emerald gemstone set in yellow gold creates a contemporary yet classic engagement ring...


Atlantis rose engagement ring

Atlantis Rose Engagement Ring

A quirky alternative cluster ring with London blue, swiss blue and sky blue topaz.


Atlantis engagement ring blue yellow 

Atlantis Gemstone Engagement Ring

Make a style statement with this stunning and quirky blue topaz gemstone  ring....



Ruby with pink sapphire gemstone engagement ring by award-winning jewellery designer Andrew Geoghegan


Cannele Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Ruby with pink sapphire gemstone engagement ring by award-winning jewellery designer Andrew Geoghegan...


Dorothy Ring

Dorothy Engagement Ring

A yellow diamond and emerald engagement ring

Exclusive to Nude Jewellery

dorothy rose choc yell dia and dias

Classic and Contempomporary engagement ring...


Handmade unique gemstone engagement ring by designer Nikki Galloway, Organic in style yellow gold and platinum


Unique Engagement Ring

A unique handmade gemstone engagement ring. This unusual ruby engagement ring has been handmade in our London workshop...


ring 2 yellow and blue

Maisie Blue

Beautiful blue's, Aquamarines, blue topaz and Aquamarines gemstone engagement ring


origin blue sapphire unique 3 stone ring 3

Unique Gemstone Engagement Ring

Handmade and unique gemstone engagement ring with sapphires, an unusual and alternative design by jewellery designer Nikki Galloway.....


Rose Sunrise 

Atlantis Rose Sunshine

Diverse, exciting and unusual this engagement ring features an 18ct rose gold band with pink and purple sapphires and rubies that twist around each other creating the illusion of movement.



Contemporary Tension Set Diamond Ring, unusual engagement ring by jewellery designer Hans Rivoir

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

A modern designer diamond engagement ring by Rivoir.  Stunning and unusual 18 carat rose and white gold ring......



origin diamond ring 1

Unique Engagement Ring

Beautifully unusual and unique diamond engagement ring by designer Nikki Galloway, quirky 18 carat ring from our new exclusive Origins collection...


champayne ring

Vintage Engagement Ring

Stunning, unusual brown diamond engagement ring, a modern twist on a classic style, with a 1920's feel...


bold and unusual engagement ring, amazonite gemstone and diamonds in yellow goldGemstone Engagement Ring

Make a bold and glamorous style statement with this yellow gold and amazonite engagement ring....


Unusual and unique simple textured handmade diamond enagement ring by designer Susana Hanl Textured Diamond Engagement Ring

Unique Engagement Ring by Susanna Hanl. A delicate silver  handmade ring set with a dainty diamond in 18 carat yellow gold.....


Emma engagement ring yellow gold with ruby

Modern Engagement Ring

Simple and minimal  designer engagement ring, handmade in 18 carat yellow gold by designer Nikki Galloway......


cushion cut citrine gemstone and diamond engagement ring set in yellow goldContemporary Engagement Ring

18ct yellow gold ring with citrine and diamond detail, a unique engagement ring or cocktail ring


Lucy, yellow with diamond 1

Contemporary Engagement Ring

Yellow gold diamond engagement ring, understated and elegant this simple designer engagement ring by Nikki Galloway and exclusive to Nude Jewellery.....


yellow sapphire gemstone engagement ring, handmade unique and unusualUnique Gemstone Engagement Ring

Simple in style, yellow sapphire set in silver. It makes for the perfect modern engagement ring...


Unique, unusual and contemporary snowflake diamond engagement ring, quirky with a vintage feel

  Unusual Engagement Ring

Abstract Flower, an unusual alternative to the classic cluster engagement ring. A quirky 18 carat white gold deco style engagement ring....


Lucy Violet sapphire and white gold 1

Cool and Quirky Violet Sapphire Engagement Ring

Handmade and exclusive to Nude Jewellery...


Contemporary amethyst and sapphire gemstone rose gold unusual cocktail engagement ring by jewellery designer Hans Rivoir


Amethyst Engagement Ring

Hot Pink - a bold statement ring, 18 carat rose gold, amethyst and pink sapphire gemstones by Hans Rivoir...



amethyst gemstone and diamond rose gold contemporary engagement ring

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

18ct rose gold ring with amethyst and diamond detail, perfectly quirky with classic elegance.....


Lucy Rose with Chocolate 1

Brown Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Dainty and modern chocolate diamond engagement ring...


purple sapphire gemstone engagement ring, handmade and unique, a modern, contempoary textured.Unique Gemstone Engagement Ring

An unusual purple sapphire set in 18 carat yellow gold on a silver band...


contemporary tension set diamond engagement ring by jewellery designer Hans Rivoir, white gold and simple design

Twisted Modernity

A modern twist, a magnificent simple 18 carat white gold, diamond modern engagement ring by designer Hans Rivoir...


Rose with Morganite 1 

Morgnaite and Rose Gold Contemporary Engagement Ring


 Lucy Pink Sapphire and White Gold 1

Pink Sapphire and White Gold Minimal Engagement Ring 


Lucy rose with diamond 1

Diamond and Rose Gold Minimal Engagement Ring




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Looking for Something Unique to You? 

Take a look at our Bespoke Jewellery Service

Handmade engagement rings, made to your specifications and budget.


Designer Engagement Rings London & Reigate, Surrey

We understand that your engagement ring and wedding rings are the most important jewellery purchases that you will make and for this reason we suggest making an appointment in store to view the full collection. Buying a designer engagement ring is an investment, which will be worn for a lifetime. Making an appointment gives you the opportunity to talk with one of our experts who can tell you more about our collection of unique engagement rings, our bespoke service and be on hand to answer any questions regarding gemstones, diamonds, cuts and resizing.

Handmade Engagement Rings London & Reigate, Surrey

Our designer engagement ring collection have been selected for their innovative design and feature a variety of rings with both diamonds, coloured sapphires, amethysts, pearls and aquamarine. As we only stock handmade engagement rings this allows for them to be altered to suit your needs. However, if you can't find what you're looking for, or have designs of your own, our in-house jeweller's can craft a unique engagement ring especially for you through our bespoke service. This service is available for any budget and can add an extra special personalised touch for that unforgettable moment. Our bespoke Jewellery service means you can have as much input as you wish from the first consultation and brief stage through to gemstone selection if required.  Our aim is to ensure you are delighted with your unique and individual creation.

Our handmade engagement rings are handmade in London from the finest materials. As ever you can be assured that all diamonds sold at Nude Contemporary Jewellery are conflict free and will always be so.

Read our customer testimonials for our bespoke jewellery service..

For more information contact Nikki at Nude Contemporary Jewellery on 07957 371 254, or email us to arrange an appointment, we are available in London and Reigate, Surrey.