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We offer a variety of jewellery courses to suit different skill levels here at Nude Jewellery. We run silver jewellery making day classes,  make your own wedding rings, as well as a number of specialised jewellery classes. The jewellery classes are fun and practical and where previously run out of our London workshop and from January 2016 we will be running them from our new studio in Reigate, Surrey.  The courses will introduce you to a number of basic techniques and you will be able to design and make your own piece of jewellery to take home.  No previous experience is necessary.

Learn to make jewellery with us.

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 make your own wedding rings jewellery class

Make Your Own Wedding Rings

About the Instructor

Jewellery course instructor, Nikki Galloway, is an award-winning Jewellery Designer and the owner of Nude Jewellery. She holds a BA (Hons) degree in jewellery design from Central St. Martins and a HND from Kent Institute of Art and Design. Nikki has worked on commissions for the Sultan of Brunei, she was a British Finalist at the Ayrton Metals Platinum Awards, she has acted as a guest lecturer at Central St. Martins and frequently creates bespoke pieces for clients all over the world.

We had a really fun day making our  wedding rings – Nikki was so lovely. And we both still can’t believe how amazing they are. It’s been by far my favourite part of our wedding preparations and the most personal thing I’ll take away from the day aside from my memories. Every time I look at my wedding ring it’ll be a reminder of my husband because he made it for me!”

Lucy White, London


Making our wedding rings was one of the many hair-brained ideas of my wife-to-be. I was dubious, given my only previous, somewhat disastrous effort at making something ended in a tangled mess in my CDT class at school!  Desipte all my fears, both rings turned out brilliantly, with Nikki proving an excellent and patient teacher. A great memorable experience all round and one I would highly recommend."  Simon West, London


"I can't recommend the course enough - Nikki is so knowledgeable, helpful and very patient! You can come with your own ideas which Nikki will help you work through, or you can work through different techniques which Nikki is expert at teaching.

My Dad was struggling to buy me a Christmas present last year and found out about the jewellery making classes here at Nude. When he presented me with the classes gift voucher, I don't think he or I realised just what a journey he'd started me on. My job was not particularly creative, and very consuming, and I began to really look forward to coming to the workshop each week, getting my hands dirty and actually creating something I knew I could wear by the end of it. I made a bezel set cabochon ring and a silver pendant in those 1st classes and was hooked! Since then I've attended 4 sets of classes, making wax carved rings, stone set rings and pendants. The biggest thing to come out of doing this is I made a decision to change my career and am now embarking on an HND in Jewellery Design! Thanks for all your support Nikki, couldn't have made the jump without you!"  
Lisa, London


'When I first attended the evening class at Nude Jewellery I had no expectations.  I was a complete beginner who loved jewellery and I was interested to see if I could create a piece from start to finish.  The classes are held in small groups meaning there is plenty of one on one time with Nikki.  Naturally some of the techniques are difficult but the class follows a great structure and Nikki always made me feel as though I could do it....and I did!  I highly recommend the classes at Nude Jewellery, Nikki is a patient teacher and will go the extra mile to make sure you that you have a great experience whilst learning fantastic new skills!'  Elaine Ruddie, London


"I have attended three courses at Nude Jewellery. I had never thought myself as capable of making jewellery but was fascinated by the concept. As a result of Nikki Galloway's teaching methods and the relaxed atmosphere of the class I was sawing, drilling and soldering with the best of them before long. The extent of my newly acquired skills were crystallised before my eyes on a recent visit to the Victoria & Albert museum in London. In the jewellery gallery a video is shown entitled 'Making a Diamond Ring' and whilst I had used an amethyst as the stone for the ring I made at Nude, I was amazed to see as the expert jeweller in the video illustrated each step in the process that I had used the exact same steps to complete my ring! The classes are fun and also productive. I have made several pieces of which I am immensely proud. Nikki makes time for everyone in the class so it can be like receiving individual tuition a lot of the time. I would recommend the classes to anyone who has ever thought how is that piece of jewellery made or just want a creative, fun outlet. I have just signed up for another course - it's addictive!"  J Dunphy-Iny, London