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Make a simple statement with this minimalist ring/pendant.

Was £125.00 - Now £100.00

Pink tourmaline silver crochet earrings

Crochet Tourmaline Earrings

Pink tourmaline cabochon gemstones encased in delicate crocheted sterling silver.

Was £195.00 - Now £156.00

Blue Topaz Ring

True  Blue, a classic style solitaire ring.featuring a beautiful princes cut topaz.

Was £95.00 - Now £76.00

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Pearl and gold chain necklace

Pearl and Gold Chain Necklace

7 ivory cultured pearls are evenly spaced out in between 18ct gold chain

50% Off, Was £995.00 - Now £497.50

Silver unusual emerald earrings

Crochet Emerald Earrings

Emerald cabochon gemstones encased in delicate crocheted sterling silver.

50% Off, Was £295.00 - Now £147.50

Shaped Diamond Ring

A beautifully tactile ring with shaped and softened edges, it features the word diamond engraved and is accented with a tiny diamond to add a little sparkle.

Was £195.00 - Now £97.50

Silver web necklace

Web Necklace

A delicate and elegant silver necklace features five silver webbed units that float around the neckline.

Was £106.00 - Now £53.00

Silver moon pendant

Silver Moon Pendant

Simply sparkly silver moon pendant.

Was £68.00 - Now £34.00

Ceramic pearl earrings

Ceramic And Pearl Earrings

Abstract earrings

Last pair - once they're sold they're gone.

50% Off, Was £78.00 - Now £39.00

antique silver and crystal necklace

Antique Crystal & Silver Necklace

Created from upcycled crystal jewellery and antique silver beads.

Was £80.00 - Now £40.00

Web Pendant

Silver web pendant, delicate and dainty.

Was £90.00 - Now £45.00

rose gold diamond modern engagement ring

Rose and White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Fire and Ice - Designer diamond engagement ring by jewellery designer Rivoir

50% Off, Was £4275.00 - Now £2137.50

Diamond Star Ring

Three diamonds add sparkle to this silver ring. 

Was £195.00 - Now £97.50

Moonstone Ring

Luxurious handmade and unique bullet shaped moonstone ring. The moonstone is set in 18 carat yellow gold.

Was £195.00 - Now £97.50

rivoir designer diamond engagement ring

Diamond Twist Engagement Ring

Twisted Modernity - A modern designer diamond ring by jewellery designer Rivoir

50% Off, Was £4080.00 - Now £2040.00

Amber, silver and gold ring

Luxurious handmade and unique amber ring. The amber is set in 18 carat yellow gold which sits proudly on a chunky silver ring.

50% Off, Was £195.00 - Now £97.50

white gold eternity ring

Simple and elegant rose gold eternity style ring featuring 19 diamonds.

50% Off, Was £895.00 - Now £447.50

50% Off, Was £1985.00 - Now £992.50

Unique platinum with 18 carat yellow gold and Ruby engagement ring.

rose gold ameythst and diamond ring

Rose gold, amethyst and diamond ring

50% Off, Was £905.00 - Now £452.50

The perfect cocktail ring or unusual engagement ring

yellow gold eternity ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Stack Ring

Dotted Diamonds, modern contemporary 18 carat yellow gold eternity ring

50% Off, Was £895.00 - Now £447.50

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swallow pendant

Fly high, silver swallow pendant

Was £58.00 - Now £20.00

bull dog pendant

Porcelain Bulldog Pendant

Super white bulldog pendant.

Was £60.00 - Now £20.00


Raspberry Flatlinks

Reversible silver cufflinks, 

Was £110.00 - Now £20.00

Amethyst rock necklace

This elegant necklace boasts a geometric purple amethyst on a silver chain.

Was £95.00 - Now £20

crystal white ring

Razzle dazzle with these crystals set in white resin on a silver ring

Was £68.00 - Now £20.00

Stephen Webster Stingray ring

Oxidised Stephen Webster Stingray Ring

Oxidised silver ring by world famous British designer Stephen Webster.

70% Off, Was £259.00 - Now £77.50