Diamond -

Diamond Birthstone - April

 Mohs scale of hardness - 10

Colour - Colourless (white), black, brown, yellow, pink, red, blue

Cut - The round brilliant is historically the most popular but there are now a seemingly endless list of cuts for diamonds.  When looking at diamonds most people refer to the 4c's - carat, cut, colour, clarity.

Found - formed in the centre of the earth known as the mantle, diamonds are pushed to the surface during volcanic eruptions through Kimberlite or lamproite pipes

Care Tip - Diamonds may be hard but they are not indestructible and require care when cleaning. Use an old soft bristled toothbrush to brush away the build-up of creams, oils, dirt, rinse and then dry with a clean soft cloth to bring out the sparkle and brilliance once again.

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