Are you looking for a truly unique engagement ring?

With over 19 years experience we specialise in unique and alternative engagement rings. Many of our engagement rings are handmade so if you are looking for an unusual engagement ring then our collections of exclusive design led contemporary engagement rings are perfect for you to choose from. We create and design an extensive range of unique engagement rings with an array of diamonds and gemstones which range from more classically styled engagement rings to unusual, quirky engagement rings to art deco styled to vintage inspired all created in our London and Surrey studio. So if you are looking for something a little different, an alternative style of engagement ring, look at our unique and unusual engagement rings. We can vary each design to create something unique to you and if you still can't find what you are looking for, we specialise in bespoke engagement rings so if you are looking for a handmade engagement ring in a specific design or style, simply get in touch.

Fire & Ice

Stand out from the crowd in this unusual contemporary engagement ring.  A solitary, brilliant cut diamond floats between a band of white gold and a wave of rose gold which sweeps around one side of this striking contemporary design..

Diamond Twist

A classic engagement ring with a twist.  This is a stylish and modern ring in 18ct white gold. The crescendo of the band arrives when it twists just as it reaches the sparkling single diamond - showcasing a spectacular brilliant cut diamond. 

Cannele Bridal Blue

A beautiful designer engagement ring featuring a deep blue brilliant cut sapphire in the centre surrounded by dazzling yellow diamonds, the perfect match! This is a stunning ring that's colour combination makes it unusual and elegant.

The Atlantis Collection

An unusual and quirky take on the cluster gemstone ring. This collection is available in white, yellow and rose gold as well as platinum and any combination of gemstones, simply email to discus your unique combination.

Atlantis Sea Green

Diverse, exciting and unusual this engagement ring features an 18ct rose gold band with stunning green tourmalines that twist around each other creating the illusion of movement.

Atlantis Rose

A modern twist on the classic cluster ring. Beautiful gemstones set to create an unusual rose gold engagement ring.

Atlantis Rose Sunshine

Unique gemstone engagement ring featuring exquisite purple and pink sapphire gemstones and ruby's set in 18 carat yellow gold.

Ice Blue Atlantis

 Features an 18 carat white gold band set with London blue, Aquamarine and Sky blue Topaz that twist around each other creating the illusion of movement.

Be Alternative?

Design-led engagement rings with flair.

Organic Delight

A sterling silver ring with 9ct gold and diamond detail features ornate branches that curve around the finger and encapsulates it elegantly.

Ruby Red

Unique platinum with 18 carat yellow gold and Ruby engagement ring by designer jeweller Nikki Galloway


Off the scale quirky this hand-carved organic, unique diamond engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind.

Violet Sapphire

Be bold, with this stuning violet sapphire ring, each ring is handmade to order so unique to you.

The Starflower Range

Yellow Starflower

An unusual take on the cluster gemstone ring which features an 18 carat white gold band set with London blue, Aquamarine and Sky blue Topaz that twist around each other creating the illusion of movement.

Ruby Red Starflower

Classic, contemporary, chocolate diamond and white diamonds set in rose gold engagement ring.  Each ring is unique and exclusive to Nude Jewellery.

Emerald Starflower

Dainty, simple and minimal emerald and yellow gold Starflower engagement ring with, milgrain setting detail which gives this ring a unique vintage twist.

White Starflower

Solitaire dainty diamond ring handmade in an understated art deco style.

The Rivda Collection

Be individual with these beautifully alternative engagement rings

I Love Lucy, The Lucy Engagement Ring

Are you looking for an alternatve engagement ring?

Propose without an engagement rings, we have some ideas....

Many of our engagement rings are unique, variations of each design can be made in any precious metal and with any gemstone, simply click through for more information.