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How to design your perfect engagement - my experience.

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So I finally got engaged....yay! But where's your engagement ring everyone has asked? This is my problem, having owned Nude Jewellery for almost 20 years he was never going to choose the ring first. So the ring that he proposed with cost around £2 (and I think I'm being generous here!) he bought it from the place that we had our first date so it was very sentimental, but alas it doesn't fit and even if did it would probably turn my finger green !. As a jewellery designer that works predominately on designing bespoke and unique engagement rings for other people, I've stumbled on a problem.....How to pick the perfect engagement ring? Whilst designing the ring I thought i would share the questions that I have asked myself and that I would ask clients when helping them choose the perfect engagement ring.

Style: What's their style? Is it big and bold, dainty and delicate. Do they like a specific style? I've opted to go for a ring in an Art Deco style but maybe they like organic and ornate. Or an alternative style engagement ring. (You can view our alternative engagement rings here.)

Rivoir white gold diamond engagement ring


lucy engagement ring group image


Metal: What metal do they normally wear, yellow, white or rose? and which metal will suit their skin tone and are they likely to wear AND love for years? Rose gold is becoming increasingly popular.

 Rivoir designer engagement ring, rose and white

Gemstone or Diamond?: You don't necessarily have to go with a diamond, that's not everyone's thing. I love green so opted for a green tourmaline set with diamonds either side. For some women a diamond is a must, for others they enjoy colour and a colourful gemstone would reflect their personality.

Good luck in your journey designing your own engagement ring and remember it's supposed to be fun!

 You can view our engagement rings here or for something bespoke check out our Bespoke Jewellery page.


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