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  1. It's been a while since I wrote a blog post so I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Nikki Galloway the owner of Nude Jewellery.

    IMG_3750 (1)

    I first started my jewellery business trading as Nikki Galloway way (way!) back in 1998, at that time I sold the jewellery that I created through independent jewellery shops throughout the UK as well as through a market stall in Piccadilly, Central London. This was great to start with and over time I built up a fantastic list of customers who would visit me regularly from London and abroad but after a snowy and cold day in March 2001 and with little sales I decided that I could do better and began to hatch a plan.

    So on the 6th of December 2001 Nude Jewellery was born and opened it's doors in Mayfair, London. A small but perfectly formed shop in the Shepherd Market area of Mayfair which is rich in history and character. Within the store I sold a wide variety of collections from other designers as well as having our own in-house workshop it was the perfect place to create and sell. For many years I enjoyed the shop in Mayfair and met loads of amazing and interesting people (as well as some super famous people) which was always fun.

    You may ask where the name Nude Jewellery came from? Well, after many, many chats with family and friends. Two of my good friends from St Martins Art School came up with the name (I think wine was involved!). It was short, sweet and catchy – I loved it – the name stuck. Although to be honest I may have gone with something else had I anticipated the growth of the internet and all that. But hindsight is a wonderful thing, so hey ho!



    As times change and over the 17 years or so in Mayfair so did the world, the internet went from strength to strength and the shop became unnecessary with more people buying online. Therefore when the opportunity arose and after starting a family and with two young children I made the move to run the businesses completely online. And I have to say it has been fantastic, I am so glad that I made this move. I get to walk my children to school and then work out of my studio at the end of the garden or from my laptop at home.

    It's been quite a few years now since I made the change and my days are prominently made up of creating bespoke engagement rings and working on our own exclusive designs and I do still work with a handful of designers that create truly beautiful and unusual designs including Vurchoo Designs, Susanna Hanl, Tufi Patah and Lucy Q.

    I am so grateful to have a job that I love doing, no two days are ever the same and I'm always thinking of new designs and ideas.

    You can find me on the socials if you want to see what I'm making from day to day.

    Thanks for taking time to learn more about me and Nude Jewellery, love Nikki x Facebook-logo


  2. Did you know that the most popular time of year for proposals is between New Year and Valentines, and men typically spend around 3 months researching engagement rings before they buy. With this is mind I've decided to put together my predictions for the most popular engagement ring styles for 2021. 

    Asymmetrical Engagement Ring

    Away from the norm and traditional asymmetrical engagement rings are increasing in popularity. This style is a beautiful way to show off your unique personality.

    Technical Tip: My advice when looking at this style is to make sure that the weight of the gemstones and top details are balanced otherwise the ring will fall to the heavier side when on the finger. Below are our Atlantis rings, a beautiful collection of asymmetrical cluster rings available in a wide variety of gemstone combinations......take a look here.

    Rose Sunrise - Asymmetrical pinks sapphire, violet sapphire, ruby and rose gold gemstone ring

     Atlantis Rose Diamond - Asymmetrical diamond and rose gold cluster ring

    Pear Shaped & Marquise Shaped Diamonds & Gemstones

    This style is classic yet modern, often with a delicate band adorned in diamonds or gemstones which shows of the main focal point which is often a diamond in all it's glory.

    Technical Tip: In order for the ring to last the test of time, make sure that the even although the band is delicate, it shouldn't be so delicate that it will snap or weaken over time and through wear – remember this is a ring that you will wear every day forever.

    Pear shaped aquamarine and diamond engagement ring

     Unusual marquise ruby and diamonds engagement ring
    Coloured Gemstones

    Coloured gemstones are increasingly popular, and again this is an ideal way to show off your unique personality. The most traditional gemstone for engagement rings used are, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. This is because these gemstone are incredibly strong and durable. But there are many other gemstones that are equally as beautiful to choose from.

    I love creating engagement rings with coloured gemstones, especially rings with a colour clash. My favourite at the moment is red and pink.

    Did you know? Sapphires don't just come in the traditional and most common blue, you can also get red, pink, white and yellow all in many shades and hues.


    Marquise shaped aquamarine and pink sapphire colour clash quirky engagement ring

    Green pear shaped gemstone set in yellow gold with diamonds engagement ring


    In the past year or so we have seen some celebrities show off their beautiful pearl engagement rings. My advice would be no, it's simple, just no. For an engagement ring pearls are simply not practical. They are highly porous, soft and are not suitable to withstand daily wear and tear. Hand-creams, soaps and everyday life will remove the lustre over time and they are easily scratched. As beautiful as they are I would not recommend a pearl engagement ring - pearls for the ear or neck are much more practical - or as an occasion wear ring - definitely not for everyday.

    Champagne – Chocolate Diamonds

    Champagne and chocolate coloured diamonds are stunning, vivid and full of life and are typically not as expensive as the traditional white diamond making them an increasingly popular choice. They are also perfectly paired with rose gold which only enhances their beauty and what's not to love about rose gold which has never been so popular.

    Champagne diamond and rose gold engagement ring

    Marquise shaped champagne diamond set in a modern and unusual rose gold and diamond ring

    Marquise shaped champagne diamond and white diamond rose gold engagement ring

    Rose Gold

    Rose gold engagement rings have been popular for quite a few years now with no signs of going away. For years I have been designing and making engagement rings which were mostly white gold with a few that were yellow. Now I'd say that rose gold is more popular than yellow with my clients. It has a softness about it which works very well with many different gemstones and skin tones.

    So this is my guide to jewellery trends for 2021. If you want to take a look at our Engagement Ring page for more inspiration then click here. I'm a little obsessed with designing so you'll find new designs added regularly.

    Maisie Marquise Ring - Ruby & Diamonds set in rose gold

    Marquise Sapphires & Diamonds create an unusual and stunning 7 gemstone ros

    Art Deco

    Art Deco has increased in popularity over the past few years, it oozes style and luxury. Many designs include baguette shaped diamonds and emeralds. My own engagement ring is Art Deco in style featuring a beautiful green tourmaline. Take a look at our bespoke jewellery page to discuss making your Art Deco style engagement ring.


    A bit about me & Nude Jewellery:

    Nude Jewellery was established in 2001 by me, Nikki Galloway. Originally based in the quaint village-like area of Shepherd's Market, Mayfair, London our boutique quickly became established and celebrated appearances in over 100 publications worldwide including Vogue,The Sunday Times Style, Elle, Evening Standard, and French Vogue. I have worked on hundred's of bespoke jewellery commissions over the years including for Elle Macpherson and the Sultan of Brunei. We are now based online with our design studio and workshop in Surrey and most days you'll find us liaising with clients to discuss which styles that they're looking for and creating their perfect engagement ring.

    Thanks for reading, Nikki


  3. Gifts To Treasure Forever

     Our new Alto Pearl Pendant:

    white pearl silver pendant


    Just designed and created is our Alto pearl pendant featuring a beautiful white freshwater cultured pearl set in a contemporary setting perfect for daytime to evening. Prices start at £95

    Drip Drop Earrings

     Drip Ear contemporary silver earrings by designer jeweller Lucy Q

    Feature a beautiful silver water droplet extended onto a chain to create flowing movement and a radiance of luster and light.

    Classic and elegant, contemporary earrings, simply stunning. £120


    Alto Alternative Hoop's:


    Micro Bubbles hoops 9mm


    Super cute dainty silver alternative hoops made from tiny silver bubbles. Each bubble is 1mm in diameter. Outside diameter of each hoop; 9 mm which sit flat against the ear. £40


    Droplet Studs:

    Small Drip Earrings

    A subtle and delicate pair of solid silver droplet earrimgs, designed to create the most beautiful element in motion. £45


    Vanilla Links Tri Pendant


    3 link pendant


    3 silver links of varying sizes are suspended on a 16" snake chain. (Other lengths available) The links are lightly hammered, providing texture and catching the light. £125