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  1. Nude is a showcase for some of the most talented designers from the UK and around the world. Tucked away in Mayfair's Shepherd Market, this exclusive boutique offers unique hand crafted pieces and individual creations from designers such as Andrew Geoghegan, Lily Gardner, Ziio and Rachel Galley.
    If your looking for something extra special, owner and award winning jewellery designer Nikki Galloway offers a bespoke service to suit any budget. This gives you the opportunity to have creative input from the initial consultation and throughout each stage of the production of your very own customised piece of designer jewellery.
    If you want to take this creativity further Nikki offers a range of evening classes in her Mayfair workshop where you can learn basic silver smith skills such as sawing, drilling and soldering. You will be able to design and produce your own piece of jewellery whilst developing new skills and having fun.
  2. Launched in 2001 the main aim of Nude has always been to provide its customers with nothing but the best in contemporary designer jewellery. Through the Londonstore it continues to do this and the online store provides the opportunity for customers all over the world to experience quality handmade pieces from this London jewellers.

    Throughout the past 10 years, Nude Jewellery London has celebrated appearances in over 100 publications worldwide including Vogue, French Vogue, International Herald Tribune, The Sunday Times Style, Elle, Evening Standard, Orient Express, Eve, Lux and The Sunday Telegraph.

  3. “Nude is a new little gem tucked away in Shepherd’s Market in Mayfair.”  - International Herald Tribune


    Nude Jewellery stocks nothing but the best in contemporary jewellery from local, national and international designers including Loekie Heintzberger, Katie Rowland, Ziio, and Rachel Galley.  All jewellery is handcrafted to the highest quality and each designer has his or her own individual style, resulting in a comprehensive range appealing to men and women of all ages.  The chic, and slightly edgy Mayfair boutique has been tucked away in Shepherd Market for over 9 years and has celebrated appearances in over 100 publications worldwide including Vogue, International Herald Tribune, The Sunday Times Style, Elle, Evening Standard, Orient Express, eve, Lux, The Sunday Telegraph Stella, and French Vogue.

    Owner and award-winning jewellery designer, Nikki Galloway designs and creates jewellery for weddings, engagements and red carpet events, as well as stocking several of her own popular ranges.



    Nude Jewellery was established in 2001 and is based in Shepherd Market;  a charming small square and piazza developed in 1735-46 by Edward Shepherd. This tiny little enclave is tucked away between Piccadilly and Curzon Street, in the exclusive borough of Mayfair.

    Mayfair itself is named after the infamous fifteen-day fair that took place on the site that is Shepherd Market today.  The fair was banned in 1708 due to the its revellers' relentless boisterousness and disorder. A local architect and developer (Edward Shepherd), was commissioned to develop the site after the ban, and it was completed in the mid 18th century.  With paved alleys, a duck pond, and a two-storey market, topped with a theatre, it was opened in the month of May and attracted a much higher class of visitor than the noisy, unruly fair beforehand.

    Nowadays, Shepherd Market is better known for its chic boutiques, intimate little restaurants and impressive Victorian pubs.


    Discover our designer jewellery collections in the London store or online.

    Nude – Your one stop shop for designer jewellery London