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» Listings for August 2011

  1. .....Coloured Diamonds


    A large sparkling diamond never fails to capture the attention and love of most women. Whether it's one diamond perched on a band of white gold or a collection of diamonds dancing out from a yellow gold setting, they have never lost their appeal......they do say after all that “diamonds are forever”. 

    Naturally we want the best and this is often considered to be a flawless diamond, one that is completely colourless and free from inclusions or blemishes but sometimes the rarest and most exclusive diamonds are vibrant blue or canary yellow – remember the Jennifer Lopez pink diamond engagement ring given to her from Ben Affleck. Coloured diamonds are distinctive and difficult to find which is possibly why their popularity continues to soar.

    There is no doubt that colourless diamonds will continue to symbolise gifts of love and timeless tradition but coloured diamonds are desirable in their own right and at Nude we absolutely love them which is why we've sourced some that we think are truly exquisite.


    DSC_0287BC001BLKGP14-07-11 0344

          Blue Diamond Earrings        Octahedron bracelet featuring black diamonds        Green Diamond Earrings

  2. Kimberley Selwood continues to provide us with incredibly dainty and delectable pieces of jewellery which are loved and collected by customers and staff! She is an inspiring designer who creates distinctive, feminine jewellery collections enriched with texture and detail.....

    Kimberley Selwood 

    What's your background and what inspired you to become a jewellery designer?

    I always loved art and as a child I used to play with be ads and make friendship bracelets, so I decided to follow my dream and so went to art college and then took a degree in jewellery design. I graduated 6 years ago with a first class honours in jewellery design and won an award which helped me set up in business.

     Butterfly Cuff 

    How would you describe your customers?

    My customers are people who love handmade and special pieces. They enjoy wearing jewellery and cherish things of beauty. My designs appeal to them as they are contemporary and unique, yet timeless and wearable.


    What is your favourite piece of jewellery? (either made or purchased)

    My favourite piece of jewellery is my Order in Chaos brooch, it was the first piece I made with gold in my final year of degree and it was the piece that got my first 1st mark.


    Which celebrity would you love to wear your jewellery and why?

    I would love Kylie to wear my designs as I think she is such an amazing role model but also very down to earth.

     Plume Earrings

    If you hadnt been successful as a designer what would your plan B have been?

    I’m not sure!! I always aim where I want to go and hope for the best. I will come up with a plan B if things change!!!


    What can we expect to see from you in the future?

    I am working on high end pieces and want to make more designs in Gold and diamonds, again creating something wearable but unusual.





    Kimberley Selwood – the Butterfly Effect is available in store and online.

  3. .....Passionfruit Martini's

    Location: The Mayfair Hotel

    Smirnoff black vodka, fresh passionfruit and passoa – what's not to like! These cocktails are luxury and the beautiful surroundings of the Mayfair hotel make for a throughly enjoyable night out – tip from Nude....ask for chilli for an added kick.

    For more info;

    Passionfruit daquiri