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  1. ...Treasure!photo(21)

    Treasure is always a stand out event for us at Jewellery Week.  We get to catch up with some of our existing designers and meet some of the new talent exhibiting as well as catch up with what feels like the whole of the jewellery trade all under one roof.  We attended the VIP event on Thursday evening and the atmosphere was charged with excitement, though that may have been down, in part, to the flowing champagne.  Set in the opulent surroundings of Somerset House, the exhibition was housed over 3 floors and incorporated different rooms each featuring an array of treasure!  As usual there was a great mix of jewellery from goldsmiths to contemporary and even my favourite taxidermy jewellery featured in the form of Tessa Metcalfe who transforms pigeon feet into the most beautiful collection of fine art


    Further intrigue was provided by Kerstin Laibach who creates handmade ethical jewellery whose unique ethos of using only sustainable recycled precious metals and not using directly mined gemstones was incredibly eye-opening.  Each piece was a beautifully made work of art that caught the attention of many.  My favourite was the one which she was wearing as a ring...perfect for concealing snacks!


    So, a successful trip all round and Nikki mentioned the word 'Christmas' about 20 times so rest assured we have picked up some incredible new stockist's to feature from August/September onwards.  We'll keep you updated as and when they arrive and perhaps we'll welcome some a little earlier cause we just can't wait.