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  1. A Bespoke Fox Pendant


    We had a couple of weeks to make a bespoke fox pendant for a customer, below is his very impressive sketch that we worked from.

    bespoke fox pendant

    The front view was fine but the customers technical drawing of the side profile wasn't correct and match the from vie so we had to fine tune it.

    To make the fox we decided to work in wax, because it's softer and easier to carve than metal and keeps the cost down for the customer. When faced with a block of wax it is much like a blank canvas, you have to map out perspective lines and mark where you need to take away the wax.

    handmade jewellery - wax block

    Below you can see the marked lines where we started to sculpt the head, trying to keep it perfectly even and symmetrical on each side is very tricky when creating geometric designs like this one. It is essential to take a little piece away at a time to slowly see how it will look in 3D.

    Bespoke Jewellery London - wax block
    handmade jewellery - fox pendant

    After the initial form is made it becomes easier to see how the fox is going to look, we now start to even up all the edges and sharpen them up so that they are clear, precise and geometric, even a line that is a tiny bit curved is very noticeable when the fox is made into metal.

    When creating a piece of jewellery in wax you have to completely finish it how you would in metal because any dust, scratches or holes will be even more difficult to get out in silver.

    Now the fox head has been carved it is time to get it cast.

    Once the fox had been made into silver we cleaned and polished it up, and took it to the platers where they added a layer of 18ct rose gold vermeil, we then added a diamond cut geometric chain to finish it off. We think he is fab and would love to make some different geometric animal heads.

    bespoke fox pendant rose gold unique and handmade
    bespoke fox head pendant
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  2. La Corza Designer Jewellery
     What inspired you to become a jewellery designer?
    A combination of factors brought me to designing jewellery. Probably the biggest was experiencing the loss of my prior business and home to a devastating fire. I literally had to start over again, and with that question what I most wanted to accomplish, and what would be most satisfying to me and my spirit. Having already been a top jewellery salesperson for a major retailer in the U.S., I knew what people were looking for, so that was in my favor.
     La Corza Designer Jewellery
     What is your favourite piece of jewellery?
    The iconic cactus cuff launched the brand with it’s unique organic yet refined open weave pattern. It was two years in the creation stage and well worth the wait.
    La Corza gold hoop earrings
    Which celebrity would you love to wear your jewellery and why?
    I design for both women and men, and that is one of La Corza's strengths, I think. I love seeing my designs on people from people who look different from one another but share something within, a certain strength and certainty. I'm thrilled that my pieces look as stunning on Conchita Wurst as they do on an NFL football player or someone as iconic as Alicia Keys or Alexa Chung. I design for individuals who want to stand out.
    Out­with jewellery is there any other career that you would love to try?
    I've been lucky to have several dream jobs during my life, including producing videos and major events in Seattle. Since I often refer to my home as an urban farm, and when I have time to fully cultivate the land around my home I could easily produce everything from organic greens to duck eggs as a small farm. So perhaps I would say urban farmer?
    What can we expect to see from you in the future?
    La Corza has been growing so steadily, but I can never keep up with the sketches that come to mind when I have time to plan out new collections. I would love to develop new lines for men and women that build on our model of organic, timeless beauty. We've been asked to work on some exciting new custom pieces, and I would love to offer my clients more opportunities to personalize their own pieces and make them truly bespoke. I may have to clone myself to do it, though!

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