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  1. Explaining Precious Metals

    lucy engagement ring group image cropped

    What are the differences when it comes to precious metals? Which precious metal should you choose? Which is better, gold or platinum? Our guide should help you decide on which metal works best for you.


    Yellow gold

    Treble twist yellow gold modern wedding ring

    Gold, beauty, and power have always gone together. Gold in ancient times was made into plates, cups, vases and vessels of all kinds, and of course, jewellery for personal adornment. 
    Gold is a dense and soft metal with a rich, lustrous, bright yellow colour. In it’s purest form it is too soft for everyday wear, so it is alloyed with a mixture of metals such as silver, copper and zinc to give it strength and durability. 
    The higher the proportion of gold used in the final metal, the more valuable and expensive the metal will be. For example, an 18ct ring will be more expensive than a 14ct ring and a 14ct ring will be more expensive than a 9ct ring. Below is a table of gold carats and their percentages of pure gold.

    • 9ct gold contains 37.5% pure gold
    • 14ct gold contains 58.5% pure gold
    • 18ct gold contains 75% pure gold
    • 24ct gold contains 100% pure gold

    White gold

    Treble twist white gold contemporary wedding ring

    All gold starts out yellow, before being mixed with other alloys to alter it’s tone (as with rose and green gold). Traditionally nickel was added to white gold but nickel is no longer used today as it can cause skin reactions. Other alloys used to make the gold ‘white‘ include, platinum, palladium, silver and manganese.
    White gold as it is, is actually a light gray/yellowish colour so it is coated in rhodium to make it appear whiter. It is common practice to rhodium plate all white gold jewellery. 
    Rhodium is in the same family as platinum and shares many of the same properties, including its colour. It’s a very white metal and is very hard, although it does wear with time. How long the rhodium plating lasts depends on the thickness of the plating, the conditions under which it was applied and the general day to day wear of the item.


    Unique twist platinum wedding rings 1a

    Platinum is the rarest and the heaviest of all the precious metals. A ring made in platinum would be much heavier than the same ring in gold, as it is a much denser element. Unlike gold and silver, there are no large above-ground platinum bullion stockpiles to protect against significant supply disruptions. Yearly, only about 133 tons of Platinum are mined, compared to about 1,782 tons of Gold. Platinum is the finest precious metal used in jewellery making. There is very little platinum on this earth and it’s found in very few places around the world. The rarity of platinum means that its price is invariably higher than gold. 

    What are the differences between White Gold and Platinum?   

    • Platinum is naturally white, whereas white gold has to be rhodium plated to make it whiter (white gold is naturally a light grey/yellowish colour)

    • Platinum is approximately 40% heavier than gold

    • Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold, so its price is invariably that much higher

    • Platinum is generally 95% pure platinum, compared with gold which is 75% pure gold.

    • Platinum is harder wearing than gold due to its density and weight. It does scratch like all other precious metals, but a scratch is merely a displacement of metal and none of its volume is lost

    • If white gold has been rhodium plated, the colour difference between white gold and platinum is not noticeable. The two will look almost identical when new, however the rhodium plating will wear off over time leaving the metal looking slightly yellow in colour.


    Palladium has been used in jewellery since 1939 and is quickly becoming the most popular metal used for wedding rings in the UK. Palladium has an almost identical appearance to platinum, is tarnish resistant and easy to maintain. 

    It is in the same family as platinum and rhodium, which means it possesses the same brilliant white elegance.

    The main difference between palladium and platinum, is that palladium is much less dense.This results in it being much lighter in weight and therefore less expensive per gram than platinum.



    Silver is a beautiful metal with a brilliant white lustre which has been used in jewellery making for centuries. In ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe, silver was often more valuable than gold. 
    Silver has very similar working to gold but can achieve the most brilliant polish of any metal. Pure silver is often alloyed with small quantities of copper to make it durable for jewellery purposes. In many countries, Sterling Silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper) is the standard for Jewellery and has been since the 14th century. 
    Silver is approximately 17 times more abundant than gold, which, as we all know, is indicated in it’s value and price.

    Here at Nude Jewellery we specialise in bespoke jewellery service, so if you're looking for a piece of jewellery for a special occasion, an engagement ring or wedding rings, take a look at our bespoke jewellery page  or our engagement rings page, or simply get in touch. [email protected]


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    (this page was orignainlly published on 14th Nov 2013 and updated on the 30th Dec 2018)

  2. So I finally got engaged....yay! But where's your engagement ring everyone has asked? This is my problem, having owned Nude Jewellery for almost 20 years he was never going to choose the ring first. So the ring that he proposed with cost around £2 (and I think I'm being generous here!) he bought it from the place that we had our first date so it was very sentimental, but alas it doesn't fit and even if did it would probably turn my finger green !. As a jewellery designer that works predominately on designing bespoke and unique engagement rings for other people, I've stumbled on a problem.....How to pick the perfect engagement ring? Whilst designing the ring I thought i would share the questions that I have asked myself and that I would ask clients when helping them choose the perfect engagement ring.

    Style: What's their style? Is it big and bold, dainty and delicate. Do they like a specific style? I've opted to go for a ring in an Art Deco style but maybe they like organic and ornate. Or an alternative style engagement ring. (You can view our alternative engagement rings here.)

    Rivoir white gold diamond engagement ring


    lucy engagement ring group image


    Metal: What metal do they normally wear, yellow, white or rose? and which metal will suit their skin tone and are they likely to wear AND love for years? Rose gold is becoming increasingly popular.

     Rivoir designer engagement ring, rose and white

    Gemstone or Diamond?: You don't necessarily have to go with a diamond, that's not everyone's thing. I love green so opted for a green tourmaline set with diamonds either side. For some women a diamond is a must, for others they enjoy colour and a colourful gemstone would reflect their personality.

    Good luck in your journey designing your own engagement ring and remember it's supposed to be fun!

     You can view our engagement rings here or for something bespoke check out our Bespoke Jewellery page.


  3. Well, we no longer have our lovely little Mayfair boutique. Almost 18 months ago I was given the opportunity by my new and very wealthy landlords to tear up my lease (they wanted more rent and I could have stayed for many years before that would happen).

    So with the way the world had changed over fourteen years I had been in Mayfair, the internet, websites and social media it seemed that the physical need for a presence on a street, city or town was no longer necessary. That and with two young children I figured it was time to get the work - life balance a little more straightened out. So apart from when I'm meeting clients this is now my commute to work in the morning......loving it!


    Little red workshop


    We are still constantly working on new designs, this week we are working on some besopke pieces for clients:

    Nicky wed ring (window 5)

    Last year we made the engagement ring above, this year it's the maching wedding ring.

    Nick draft 56 - top

    This is another engagement ring design that we are currently working on - it's a work-in-progress at the moment.


    Oh, and these days I am finding a little more time for the work-life balance. This morning me and Gizmo managed a 5k run before we started work!

    Gizmo, social media