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Quirky Engagement Rings at Nude Jewelllery London

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Here at Nude Jewellery, London we are passionate about unusual jewellery and that includes unusual engagement rings. Why settle for normal when you can showcase your individuality in a piece of jewellery you are going to wear every day for the rest of your life. To offer some inspiration here is a small selection from some off the most inspiring celebrity engagement rings.

halle berry engagement-rings-14
Halle Berry - A beautiful emerald engagement ring set with diamonds in yellow gold.
Angelina Jolie - baguette Diamonds, modern yet vintage
Jackie O - Toi Et Moi Emerald and diamond ring
If you don't quite have the budget of the likes of Angelina Jolie (and let's face it, who does?!) Here is  a new selection of our new unusual engagement rings, beautiful, sparkly and quirky that wont break the bank......
amethyst sapphire and diamond butterfly ring unusual engagement rings
The butterfly - Amethyst, pink sapphire and diamond unusual engagement ring.
a-symetrical unusual diamond enagement ring
 Asymmetrical unusual diamond engagement ring a twist on a modern classic....
green agate and diamond ring
Green agate and diamond ring - an elegant and unusual engagement ring.
diamond and tanzanite baguette engagement ring
Diamond and tanzanite white gold engagement ring
quirky diamond flower engagement ring
Quirky diamond flower engagement ring....
square citrine unusual engagement ring
Unusual citrine and diamond engagement ring.....
green garnet and diamond flower unusual engagement ring
Quirky and vibrant green garnet and diamond unusual engagement ring...

To view the full collection of our unusual engagement rings click here.


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