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Summer Survival for Jewellery

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Keep your Jewellery Cool this Summer....

If you've fallen in love with your jewellery and don't want to take it off beware! The summer might be good for our vitmain D intake but it's not always great for our precious jewels.

With the arrival of summer also comes the arrival of new dangers to precious metal and gemstones and here is a little list of the worst offenders.


Chemicals can damage and discolour precious metals so be sure to remove these items before taking a dip in a chlorinated pool. The same applies when using a hot tub, the rule of thumb is chemicals = bad.

But the sea is natural right? So if I'm on the beach and want to jump in the ocean it's fine. Wrong. Salt water can be equally as damaging and can dull metals and cause unnecessary stress to gemstone facets and appearance, it can also degrade the mounts the gems are set in which weakens them and can cause them to loosen.


Lying by the pool on a luxury day bed with a brand new bikini and the amazing gemstone jewellery that you cherish and would never remove can be your gemstones. The suns harmful rays can fade and weaken gemstones such as amethyst and topaz. Excessive heat can also fracture gems, it removes the natural moisture within the stone and pearls and opals in particular can suffer with cracks and discolouration. And while you may be conscious of lathering up on factor 30 so that you don't burn just remember that gemstones and precious metals really don't like chemicals, especially those found in make-up, hairspray and perfume.


Bored of sunbathing and want to try some adrenalin rushing experiences? Good for you but we recommend taking off your jewellery. Whether you're windsurfing or scuba diving, if one of your diamond stud earrings shimmies out of your ear you will have difficulty finding it again.

If you go for the 'relaxing' summer option of gardening then again, the recommendation is to remove all jewellery first as knocks and bangs will do permanent damage. Or at least wear gloves!

We're not saying that if you wear your jewellery in the sun it will fall apart, it really shouldn't but it can cause long lasting damage that can cause future problems, and surprising as it seems, some people don't realise just how damaging it can be. So, even though jewellery is made to be worn, if you are taking it off for safety then make sure to store it in a resealable plastic bag, unless its pearls and then it's best to keep them in a silk pouch or a compartment of a jewellery box where they won't get scratched against other items.

Keep in a cool place and make sure that your favourite pieces can really be treasured forever.

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