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An incredible passion and enthusiasm for bright colours and beautiful gemstones, Sushilla has produced an incredibly eye-catching, window dazzling collection of rough cut gemstones. Travelling around the world in search of the most vibrant gemstones, Sushilla's work is inspired by a melting pot of cultures and countries and is made to be worn and adored.


What's your background and what inspired you to become a jewellery designer?

I have had a passion for jewellery all my life. My grandmother had a wonderful collection of both precious and costume jewellery and as a child I loved dressing up in all the wonderful pieces.

My inspiration came from seeing precious stones in their rough state while travelling through Africa as a child. My parents to this day have a wonderful rock of Amethyst in its uncut glory. We picked this up on a road trip from Lusaka to Livingston in Zambia. Decades later while on a trip to India I discovered other stones in there rough state, and thought it would be exciting to use them in a collection. Tallulah was born!

How would you describe your customers?

That’s a difficult one, I rarely get to meet the end client. But the few I have met are confident, know what they want and are not afraid of colour.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery? (either made or purchased)

My mother’s Pink Tourmaline engagement ring.

Which celebrity would you love to wear your jewellery and why?

Keira Knightley quite simply because she is beautiful and talented. I can just see her wearing one of my statement pieces!!

If you hadnt been successful as a designer what would your plan B have been?

I have always loved travelling, so maybe a travel writer. Although this could be difficult, I’m dyslexic.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Lots more stones. I know there are plenty more out there that I haven’t used yet. I will continue to focus on the stones. I would like to make more dramatic one off pieces.


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