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Graduate Interviews - Elise Goldin

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Designer Interview Elise Goldin

What inspired you to become a jewellery designer?

From a young age I enjoyed doing anything creative. I grew up watching Art Attack, Smart Art and Blue Peter, always trying to recreate 6. Gold Solitaire Studswhat they made on the shows!

Although I studied Art & Design at university, I wasn’t sure which speciality I was going to choose upon graduation.

I was encouraged to show a concept jewellery collection at New Designers 2012, which gained a fair amount of attention. I realised that I had side-lined what came naturally to me, and what I got pure enjoyment out of, which was designing and making jewellery.

What is yoFeather Earringsur favourite piece of jewellery? (Either made or purchased)

Whenever I make a new piece for the Facet collection, I always say, “Ooh, this is my favourite”! But overall, I would have to say it would be a pair of engraved feather earrings I made for my mum’s birthday. They were the first things I made when I moved into Flux studios, so they have sentimental value. I get real enjoyment out of seeing my friends and family wearing my jewellery. 

Which celebrity would you love to wear your jewellery and why?Solange-Knowles

Currently it’s Solange Knowles. She’s got a very unique and brave sense of style, that is cutting-edge and she never shies away from colour! 

I can envisage my ‘Facet’ collection enhancing almost any of her outfit choices.

Out-with jewellery is there any other career that you would love to try?

If I hadn’t chosen jewellery as a path, I would have probably have gone down the route of Set-Design. I love the idea of creating a world from your imagination and turning it into a reality.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I will be releasing some Facet sub-collections; limited edition, couture, and adding new earthy colours for an autumn/winter collection.

3. Silver Trillion Studs


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