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Well, we no longer have our lovely little Mayfair boutique. Almost 18 months ago I was given the opportunity by my new and very wealthy landlords to tear up my lease (they wanted more rent and I could have stayed for many years before that would happen).

So with the way the world had changed over fourteen years I had been in Mayfair, the internet, websites and social media it seemed that the physical need for a presence on a street, city or town was no longer necessary. That and with two young children I figured it was time to get the work - life balance a little more straightened out. So apart from when I'm meeting clients this is now my commute to work in the morning......loving it!


Little red workshop


We are still constantly working on new designs, this week we are working on some besopke pieces for clients:

Nicky wed ring (window 5)

Last year we made the engagement ring above, this year it's the maching wedding ring.

Nick draft 56 - top

This is another engagement ring design that we are currently working on - it's a work-in-progress at the moment.


Oh, and these days I am finding a little more time for the work-life balance. This morning me and Gizmo managed a 5k run before we started work!

Gizmo, social media



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