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Our visit to London Fashion Week

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Well, as London Fashion Week arrives stealthily upon us once more, (it always seems to come around so quickly!) we decided to sashay on down to Somerset House to get a little peek of what’s in store over the coming seasons. 


After circumnavigating the LFW catwalk tent and wading through a sea of carefully preened fashionistas, we collected our entry passes and headed for the Rock Vault.


The bubbles were obviously flowing freely as we were unable to find a champagne flute for love nor money, luckily we managed to convince the barman to dispense our tipple into a water glass which, judging by his reaction was against the rules but suited us just fine!


The Rock Vault made it’s debut in 2012 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. now entering it’s fourth season, it has become a solid ‘must see’ at LFW. Supported by the British Fashion Council and curated by Stephen Webster, the east corner of Somerset House is commandeered by ten of the newest and coolest UK jewellers showcasing their precious wares to London’s most fashionable.


Rock Vault 2014 certainly did not disappoint. The shortlisted exhibitors have been excellently selected this season. Each designers style was varying and individual, leaving them to shine on their own without being overshadowed by each other. The collections covered a broad spectrum, from the more organic, irregular creations of Imogen Belfield to the crisp, clean, minimalism of Sophie Bille Brahe’s modern take on pearls. Pearls, in fact, seem to have been given a new lease of life. With several of the designers using them in more contemporary and refreshing ways.


Needless to say, our attention was firmly drawn to more than a couple of the designers work. So, watch this space, you never know which of this seasons ‘Rock Vaulter’s’ may make an appearance in the Nude spotlight in the future. Excited? We know we are! 

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