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» Listings for October 2011

  1. ....The Minotaur


    A bit different from our usual entries but last week I attended the Minotaur pop-up exhibition in the old Victoria tunnels.  Artists from all over the world were commisioned by Steve Lazarides to create their interpretation of the classical greek legend said to have the head of a bull and the body of a man.

    The old Victoria tunnels is a labyrinth structure which was perfect for such an exhibition.  The art reflected the struggle between men, technology and nature in an emerging world and featured installations, interactive exhibits and artists from very different backgrounds.  It was a cultural delicacy and there was in fact a restaurant inside - which you had to request an invitation for.  We didnt get round to that and we spent so much time staring at and digesting the work on display that there wasnt much time for anything else.  Particularly liked the taxidermy rats and the visual installation film! 

    Let us know if you attended or indeed if there are any more unusual exhibitions that we should visit.

  2. Following on from our new designer feature a few weeks ago we've put Johnny Mirpuri in this weeks designer hot seat. 

    What’s your background and what inspired you to become a jewellery designer?

    I’d already spent 20 years carving out a successful banking career when I discovered that my
    childhood interest in things creative had been re-kindled whilst making several works of art for my
    home. Choosing to tap into those innate artistic talents I turned my back on the City at the end of
    2008 to dive into the fascinating world of jewellery design. I went on to complete a broad
    programme of bench & design-based courses at the Holts Academy of Jewellery and Central Saint
    Martins College of Art & Design, where I learnt both traditional and computer-aided design and
    manufacturing techniques.

    MIRPURI launched in early 2011 and very soon after I became one of ten emerging designers
    selected, as part of the BJA-supported KickStart initiative, to exhibit my debut collections at
    International Jewellery London 2011.

    I was born of Indian parentage in West Africa and spent three years living in India before moving
    with my family to settle in the UK at the age of nine. This culturally diverse upbringing ignited in
    me a passion for travel from an early age, which has so far taken me to over 25 countries across the
    world. I feel that each of these journeys, and the exposure that they provided to differing
    landscapes, new customs, fresh architectural ideas and cosmopolitan lifestyles, have played a part
    in shaping my own sense of personal, as well as design style.

    How would you describe your customers?

    MIRPURI’s customer’s are style-conscious individuals who place equal importance on quality and
    value. When adding to their jewellery collections, they seek out classic pieces which are sleek and
    elegant in their design and which offer versatility in wear because they strike that fine balance
    between a.m. subtlety and p.m. glamour. I feel that they’re attracted to my jewellery because
    MIRPURI’s collections tick all those boxes.

    What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

    A wheat-link 22k white-gold chain necklace, given to me by my mother. I wear it 24-7, and it’s a
    constant reminder to me of her unconditional love.

    Which celebrity would you love to wear your jewellery and why?

    I’d choose Julia Roberts - hands down! The epitome of a natural beauty with an understated, classy
    sense of style, she’d provide the perfect backdrop to show off MIRPURI jewellery .... well, provided
    you‘d ever see past that infamously infectious smile of hers, that is!

    If you hadn’t been successful as a designer, what would your plan B have been?

    I feel that I gave my plan B a pretty good shot, having spent 20 years as a City banker. I may have
    have done things back to front somewhat, but now that I’m finally on course living my plan A,
    there’s no looking back.

    What can we expect to see from you in the future?

    With three silver collections already under my belt, I’m super excited at the prospect of broadening
    the appeal of my jewellery with the introduction of a gold vermeil range, and the use more precious
    coloured gemstones, in MIRPURI’s next collection. Look out for it in the new year.

    The Ripple Collection is available in store and online now.

  3. We have absolutely fallen in love with the new Stardust bracelets from Babette Wasserman.  Coming in 5 colours plus one silver and one gold, the coloured bracelets feature coloured silk which is intertwined with either silver or gold chain.  When the light hits the metal the bracelets have a subtle sparkle, perfect for people who don't want outright bling but just a hint of glamour. 

    Silver CloseGoldbracelets 052Silver

    One is not enough, we are stacking them and mixing it up and they look great.  These are going to fly off the shelf......if we don't snap them up first!